Sunday breakfasts are cancelled until September.

Drive through only.

Friday 5-7:30 PM

$9  Choice of Catfish or Pollock Filets
 – Served with 4 sides.

Drive Through instructions

Enter at the South entrance at the bottom of the hill.

  • Pull Up
  • Order Catfish or Pollock
  • Pay
  • Get 3 fillets and 4 sides in a grocery bag
  • Ready to Go!

Public is Welcome!!

Driving Range Open for the Season

Course Opens in April

Please call the clubhouse for membership.

Item Description Price

Small Bucket Approximately 25 balls $4

Medium Bucket Approximately 50 balls $5

Large Bucket Approximately 75 balls $6

Red Card Pass 5 Large Buckets (save $5) $25

Green Fees

Each Person Membership  $130.00

Without a membership

Age 13 and over   9 holes $9.00       18 holes $11.00

Age 6-12                9 holes $5.00        18 holes $6.00

Age 5 and under   Free

President – Cathy Hildebrand

Vice President – Jennifer Jenkins

Secretary – Emma Eldridge

Treasurer – Billie Steinkamp

Financial Secretary – Mary Venvertloh (collects dues)

Ladies Auxiliary has five meetings per year. They are held on the third Tuesday of the month, except for the memorial mass, which is held on Sunday.

Meetings are held:

  • Christmas – December
  • Memorial Mass – March
  • Mother/Daughter – May
  • Memorial of Office – June
  • Couples Meetings – September

Ladies Auxilliary dues are $5.00 per year until the member reaches the age of 70. At that point, they become an honary member and dues are waived. Two of the main roles of being a Ladies Auxilliary member includes sponsoring the Ladies of Charity and assisting with supporting the club. Other duties include working in the serving lines at the annual K-of-C Bar-B-Que, finding individuals to donate pies, cakes, or other dishes, and helping with serving line washing.

Grand Knight – Donald Arnold

Deputy Grand Knight – John Benz

Chaplain – Fr. Aaron Kuhn

Chancellor – Bob Klingele

Recorder – Bill Anderson

Financial Secretary – John Veith

Treasurer – Dan Hoffman

Lecturer – Verne Hagstrom

Advocate – Tom Maas

Warden – Chuck Zanger

Inside Guard – Ed Zanger

Outside Guard – Matt Schulte

Trustee 3rd Year – Tom Grawe

Trustee 2nd Year – Terry Obert

Trustee 1st Year – Steve Trimble

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Cost: $50

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Seats: 50

Third and Fourth Degree Member Cost: $100 **See note above

Non-Member: $150

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Full: 350-450 (1/2 Hall: 175)

Third and Fourth Degree Member Cost:

Full – $600   (1/2 Hall: $300) **See note above


Full – $1000   (1/2 Half: $600)